L’arbre de vie

Specialised in reproduction antique chintzes

All designs and colors are available as a fat quarter size 50 x 75 cm. / 20 x 30 inch price € 6,50 p.p.
except tone on tone's - size 50 x 75 cm. price € 5,75. p.p. excl. postage.

Important information about 'the open house event' in april 2015

On Wednesday 22- Thursday 23 and Friday 24 April 2015 Betina printing organises demonstration days at home in Goor - The Netherlands, printing the collection Dutch chintzes Den Haan & Wagenmakers and L'Arbre de Vie.
A special collection of Dutch quilts will be exhibited, composed with our collection of Dutch chintzes.
In the mill visitors can buy our collection of Dutch chintzes with a special visitors discount.

Hans ten Voorde.
Betina printing.
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74711 EV GOOR
tel. nr. 0031 (0) 547 272 002
e-mail: sales@betina.nl

Copied version

One of our designs part of the collection Den Haan & Wagenmakers namely nr. 9508 Island Marken, has been copied in exactly the same pattern and colorways.
The copied version is printed in Asia in order of Anbo Textiles UK on 45 inch wide fabric and signed in the border as this photograph beside.

Because these copied fabrics are printed in Asia, where in a standard way reactive dyes are used and no pigments as we use in our mill in Goor- The Netherlands,
Betina printing will not accept any responsabillity concerning fading of similar fabrics not printed by her.

The designs

Look at page 'New collection'
The collection chintzes l' Arbre de Vie presents , are reproductions from documents, originally coming from the East Coast of India in the 17th and 18 th century.
In that period the original cotton chintzes were ordered by the V.O.C in India and designed for the European taste.
There is a difference between typical Indian and Persian cotton prints and the ones we used meant for export to Europe in the 17th and 18th century.

Superiour quality

Most of the collection is designed by Willem Rudolf den Haan and printed by Betina printing in The Netherlands. For the printing process, the old fashioned pigment method is being used which prevents fading.
The collections are printed on a 100% cotton cloth 150 cm/60 inch wide of an excellent quality and finished with a slight glaze like the antique examples. Not only to look more brilliant but also to prevent against dust and moisture.
It is not necessary to pre-wash in case of patchwork and the consequence could also be that the glaze will disappear.
The collection is recommended for interior decoration as well as for clothing and patchwork.

e-mail: info@l-arbre-de-vie.com
website: www.l-arbre-de-vie.com

Collection Den Haan & Wagenmakers

Because of many questions during the recent exhibitions in Val d' Argent about the different activities under the trade name Den Haan & Wagenmakers and the shop activities in Amsterdam
with the same name Den Haan & Wagenmakers BV. we like to inform you that our collection original Dutch chintzes 'Den Haan & Wagenmakers' has nothing to do anymore with the shop activities in Amsterdam under the same name.
Our collection of original Dutch chintzes 'Den Haan & Wagenmakers' is exclusively for sale by our printer in The Netherlands Betina printing Bv in Goor and not anymore in the store in Amsterdam.
Shop on line: www.dutchfabric.nl and in France by: www.l-arbre-de-vie.com